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Things To Consider When Hiring An Attorney in Kansas For A Car Accident

Wednesday, December 1st, 2010

Many of people are really hesitant to file a lawsuit. Many people will say, “We’re not the kind of people to sue”. Things often times change later down the line. Many times people will hear that they only have two years to file this lawsuit. It has now been a year and a half, and they have all these medical bills piling up. Sometimes their vehicle is still at the tow shop, or they own money to the tow company. Many people have already attempted to contact the insurance company and they’re frustrated because they don’t seem to making any headway.

That is not to say that the insurance companies won’t work with people. Handling it themselves could potentially save them money because they don’t have to let an attorney get a share of the insurance proceeds. However, it can also be harmful to them, because they would then settle for less than their case is actually worth. In essence, even though they’ve been paying an attorney money, they’re still coming out behind. They are settling for less than it’s worth.

Almost everybody comes in with a similar kind of fact scenario. They’re worried about their medical bills and they’re worried about work. Because they maybe can’t work now, they don’t have any income coming in they are struggling. Many times it is a situation where someone is living paycheck to paycheck and when they can’t get that paycheck, their whole life ceases. They can’t pay their bills, they are behind on everything, and are scared about what’s going to happen next.

There are situations where people are served for collection of a debt that is owed through a bill that’s associated with this accident. They don’t have the money to pay for it, don’t know what is going to happen in court when they go and don’t know where to turn. They just don’t know, and they can come to us. They can come in, ask us questions and we can explain to them the following: “These papers you were served are for the collection of the medical bills that was due. What is going to happen is the first hearing is that they are going to obtain all your personal information including your bank accounts and employment records and they may try to start a garnishment your wages or seize some money out of your accounts to pay for the bills”.

Why People Need to Change Their Mentality Against Filing a Lawsuit in Kansas?

Friday, November 5th, 2010

People need to really lose the mentality about “I’m not a sue happy person”. A lot of cases can be taken care of without actually suing. It can be done through obtaining all the necessary documents such as medical documentation. It might also be necessary to obtain documentation on the client, including work, where they work at, and what amount of monies they make. People need to understand the reason for have insurance. It is designed so that you can get at least some kind of compensation for an injury that occurs. People really need to lose that mentality because it, in essence, waives their ability to have any kind of opportunity to be made whole from the accident that occurs.

So people really need at least go talk to an attorney, at least look and see what their options are. Just talking to an attorney doesn’t mean that a lawsuit has to be filed. On the contrary, meeting with an attorney is only letting the person know what these options are. An attorney can’t do anything without their client’s approval. They can’t file a suit or even contact the insurance company. Everything has to be okay with the client. So really since everything’s a free consultation, in accidents and injuries, you’re really not out of anything other than fifteen or twenty minutes of your time. This meeting will get you more informed and it at least lay out your options.