About Koehn & Tahirkheli

Mr. Tahirkheli met Mr. Koehn and they came together with an idea to form a law firm in Liberal, Kansas. They felt that there was a real need in an area because the area greatly under served by attorneys. Even though there ware good attorneys in the area, there just wasn’t enough attorneys to handle all the legal issues that needed representation. So Koehn & Tahirkheli, LLC, was born.

The firm started out with just Razmi Tahirkheli and Lynn Koehn and one secretary. Within six months they expanded their practice to include three secretaries and one additional attorney. Within six months they expanded to a different and larger building located really close to the courthouse. At that time they also added another secretary and one more attorney.

Right now the firm has four attorneys, four secretaries that represent clients who need legal representation for cases such as criminal defense, accidents, injuries, family law and immigration law.

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